Published Poetry
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Publish date: 22 June 2019
Copyright 2019, Retained by individual authors
Cover and Book design: Alisa Bolander
ISBN-13: 978-1099157448
ISBN-10: 1099157447
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Where do I go from here? How do I rebuild my life? What can I do about the grief of a faith transition? The landscape of religious faith is in flux. More people than ever leave the religions of their childhood, while often lacking a framework to process this loss or change of faith. Few resources exist to assist with grief, anger, and sadness associated with faith transition. In this ground-breaking collection of poetry, editors Nancy Ross and Kristen R. Shill curate selections to aid fellow faith transition travelers on their journeys. The three-part collection features poems of early faith crisis (“in the shallows”), processing grief and anger from loss of faith (“the deep end”), and finally, poems that explore emerging closure after a faith transition (“finding ground”). Wherever you are on your journey, this collection invites you to listen to the raw, vulnerable voices of new and established poets as they explore their own paths through faith. Their fresh, honest perspectives remind you that you are not alone, that your pain is shared by others, and that healing is possible.
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